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Our family started Zarzis Olive Oil so that we could share the amazing health benefits of traditionally made extra-virgin olive oil with the rest of the world. At Zarzis we treat your family, and your health, like our own.

From Our Family to Yours

While olive oil has always been important to our family, launching Z-Olive Oil was inspired by the COVID-19 crisis. While searching for ways to keep my own family healthy and protected, I returned to the traditional ideas of my homeland. My grandfather was famously healthy into his old age and a morning never passed without a shot of extra-virgin olive oil. Many people have become familiar with the Mediterranean diet but may not realize how often we use olive oil as a go-to cure-all. While I had been raised with a traditional understanding of the power of extra-virgin olive oil, the public health crisis caused me to research this belief further.

Image by Jessica Lewis

Staying Healthy, Staying Happy

Through my research, I discovered that our beloved olive trees were creating antioxidant compounds broadly known as polyphenols. These polyphenols can help your immune system, heart, gut, brain, skin, and overall health. We all have ways of protecting our families from COVID-19 and for me and my family, olive oil has helped during this very difficult time. In addition to keeping our immune systems strong, sharing delicious, healthy meals has also kept our spirits high.

Zarzis Olive Oil heightens any meal while adding a healthy dose of antioxidants to your diet! See our recipes for some of our favorite ways of using our infused oils and balsamic vinegar.


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