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Zarzis awarding-winning extra virgin olive oil product mockup

What we knew all along is now official!

Introducing the award-winning, Best of Class Gold 

at the LA EVOO International Competition, TRIUMPH Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This amazing product is extremely high in polyphenols for the longevity and benefit of our beloved Zarzis Family!


This olive oil will knock your socks off

Our award-winning EVOO has a bold flavor that lingers on your tongue and alerts all your senses. Like our other products, this robust olive oil is hand-picked and cold-pressed.

Teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil.jpeg

For those who know their stuff, or are willing to learn

This product is as healthy and powerful as you can get. TRIUMPH is now in our Tampa and Sarasota stores, as well as available for purchase online, and in bulk.

Shop TRIUMPH today

Enjoy this winning product in any size you like with free shipping within the states. And let us know what you think, even if we already won some awards... your opinions really mean the most to us!

Mockup of Zarzis award-winning olive oil
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