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At Zarzis Olive Oil we understand that relationships are everything. You can trust us to have a clean, sustainably sourced, stored, and shipped extra virgin olive oil available for sale of any size!

We Have Quality In Quantity

We supply eco-friendly olive oil in bulk to anyone looking for an all-natural, sustainably sourced, extra virgin olive oil. Our olives are hand-picked from a family-owned farm in Zarzis using the traditional Tunisian methods. We carefully sort and press our olives to create a high-quality, undiluted, healthy olive oil. We are extremely proud of our family-farmed product and honored to be able to ship in such large quantities! We have many different flavors of extra virgin olive oil available for bulk purchasing and we are able to sell the product bottled or in any size containers.


Taking Care of Taste and Waste

For our customers who are interested, we provide a free 5-liter stainless steel drum (worth $150) to stand in your kitchen or wherever you desire! With this container, you can be sure your olive oil is stocked and sustained, plus there are no bottles to recycle! We believe this is the most eco-friendly way to preserve taste. Selling our product in bulk gives us and our customers the satisfaction of taking care of a delicious product while also taking care of the environment. It’s truly a win-win.

If you are interested in buying bulk extra virgin olive oil from us please fill out the form below or simply give us a call! Our direct line is 1-941-284-0291.


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